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Standard kit of the SWIFT JIB

All black color, including tripod and dolly. Standard kit of the JB50 comes with carrying cases for each item: jib arm, tripod and dolly.
System components
Jib arm: JB50 Tripod: T102B
Dolly: DL-8RB  
Operation manual
JB50 T102B
Specification sheet
JB50 KIT T102B
Service parts
JB50 T102B
Payload 20kg / 44.0lb (Main arm length : 100cm / 39.5")
15kg / 33.0lb (Main arm length : 145cm / 57.0")
10kg / 22.0lb (Main arm length : 190cm / 75.0")
Main arm length 100 to 190cm / 39.5" to 75.0"
Weight 16.4kg / 36.1lb
Ball diameter 100mm
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