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Continuous Friction Control
The TH-V is equipped with a friction control knob that adjusts the pan and tilt drag settings.
Snap ON/OFF Plate
The slide plate can be attached and released with just one-touch. Quick and easy setups in the field are easily achieved.
The Dual-head base specification allows for a quick set-up with both 75mm bowl and flat base tripods. The Dual-head base is also compatible with sliders, skater dollies, and photo tripods.
LED Bubble Level
The bubble level is equipped with an LED light allowing users to level a tripod head in the dark.
Weight Hook
Designed with a weight hook near the center of the tripod to increase stability and prevent tumbling during extreme weather conditions.
Adjustable Mid-spreader
Widening the mid-spreader can make the system even more stable.
Improved Tripod Feet
These improved foot rubbers will support the tripod more firmly on various surfaces while allowing steady camerawork without slippage.