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JB40 can support weights up to 20kg and is designed to minimize wobbling or bending of the arm, resulting in smooth and stable camera shots.
High Portability
When folded and stored in its respective included carrying case, the jib arm is only about 120cm in length and easily fits in the trunk of a car. Although the jib arm only weighs 10kg, the case's shoulder strap offers extra support and reduces the burden of transportation.
Compact Design
By sliding the main arm, the jib arm becomes remarkably compact with a radius of about one meter, making it perfectly suitable for any production set including sets in tight places.
Redesigned Weight Mounting Method
By changing the weight bar's design from the former JB-30's Screw-in type to a new Plug-in type for the JB40, assembly and break down time is dramatically decreased.
3-Step Easy Setup
Connect the support arms, set the jib on the tripod, and adjust the balance. With only 3 steps, the JB40 is ready for any video production.
In addition to Libec's 100mm tripods, the JB40 jib arm can also be used with other brand tripods you may already own.
100mm to 75mm Conversion Adapter
A 75mm ball base fluid head can be attached by using the included adapter AD-75.
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