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REC Remote Control for Atomos recorders and other LANC* equipment

Operation manual
Specification sheet
Service parts
Weight 0.11kg / 0.24lb
Size 85 x 51mm
Cable length 1m / 3.3'
Power source CR2032 battery x1
Clamping width Φ10~45mm
*LANC is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
Compatibility with AtomosLED
The newly designed REC-LA is compatible with an Atomos recorder with a built-in monitor whereas other conventional remote controls are not.
Suitability for a wide range of LANC-equipped Cameras and Recorders
REC-LA enables remote Rec start/ stop for Sony, Canon, JVC, and select Panasonic cameras and camcorders with LANC protocol.
Easy Operation
Quick start is available by simply connecting REC-LA to the LANC terminal of a camera or recorder with a built-in monitor.
Battery Operated
REC-LA is battery operated and has great longevity without a power supply connection. The remote control uses the industry standard CR2032 battery allowing users to easily replace it when necessary.
Usability with Clamp Type
Easily attachable to a gimbal grip, a rig, a pan handle, and a wide range of camera accessories.