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Studio Version
Payload 30kg / 66.0lb

  • Steering handle

  • Middle column lock knob

  • Air pump

  • PH-8B dual pan handle

Operation manual
Specification sheet
Service parts
P110 Column DL-10RB
Payload 30kg / 66lb (Including head)
Column elevation mechanism Upper Column : Supported by air pressure
Column 2-Stage
Upper Stroke 38cm / 15"
Lower Stroke 37cm / 14.6"
Stroke range 75cm / 29.5"
Head attachment 100mm bowl
Pressure adjustment Air pressure (A air pump equipped)
Height 81 to 156cm / 32 to 61.5"
Weight 18.1kg / 39.8lb
The P110S is equipped with the tracking locking mechanism and cable guards which come standard with the large-sized double-wheel 125mm / 4.9" casters. The tracking locking mechanism ensures straight-line movement by locking the caster direction, while the cable guards prevent the wheels from running over the cable during studio production.
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