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Support page renewaled.
2010.12.22 update

Libec announces the renewal of support page.

Specification sheets for each tripod systems, parts lists and catalogs in PDF are available here.
Also you can find the best tripod to match your camera from " Which camera, Which model ".

Libec support page
RS-250 won Pronews Award 2010 Gold !
2010.12.21 update

We are pleased to announce that our RS-250 series has nominated Pronews Award 2010
and won Gold prize in \"Tripod and special tools\" department.

Pronews is one of the biggest and most reputable internet media specialized in broadcast field
which is running by System 5, JAPAN.

Pronews award is an annual prize awarded to the best products in quality, price and design in the year.

Pronews Award 2010

Thank you for visiting BIRTV!
2010.08.30 update

Cinec 18-20 September Munich/Germany
2010.08.17 update

We will exhibit various range of our products and new tripod *RS series* at the booth of Ianiro Aldo S.r.l., Italian lighting company. Please come and visit the booth.

Date :18-20 Sep
Venue:M,O,C, Events Center, Hall 2 / 3
Munich / Germany

Ianiro Aldo S.r.l.
Hall and Booth:3-C22

Via Ragusa 5 00040 Pavona (RM), Italien
Phone: 0039 - 0693 - 10198, Fax: 0039 - 0693 - 162162

IBC2010 10-14 September Amsterdam/Neteherland
2010.08.16 update

We, Libec regret to inform you that this year we are not going to exhibit IBC2010 held from 10th September.
However, our new tripod system *RS series* and some of our products will be shown at the booth of Luggy SARL, our sole distributor in France. Please come and visit the booth.
Date :10-14 Sep
Venue:RAI Amsterdam / Netherlands

Booth and Hall:Hall 11.C60
Chemin DChemin Du RoucasBP11 Mane 04300 France
TEL: +33 49 27 507 07
FAX: +33 49 27 544 70

Chinese website renewaled
2010.08.15 update

Libec Chinese website updated. You can check the latest information of our product lineup and also company profile.
To access the Chinese site from Top page, first click on *International*
and then click the chinese flag at right upper side.


Libec website in Chinese
BIRTV2010 23-26 August Beijing / China
2010.08.15 update

Libec next show is coming. BIRTV2010, being held in Beijing / China.
Our products will be displayed at the booth of Xinhongfei(XHF) Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.,
our distributor in CHINA, HONGKONG and MAKAU area.
You can touch many range of libec products including our new tripod series*RS series*.
Please check the latest information of our product lineup before visiting BIRTV 2010.

Xinhongfei(XHF) Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Block 10, Heshan Gaeden Binhe Road,
Suzhou New District, P.R.C. China
TEL: +86 51268026815 / +86 51268087376
FAX :+86 51268026815 / +86 51268094915
Announcement for webpage renewal
2010.06.21 update

Libec announces their updating website in accordance with a change of product lineup.

- Catalogs -
Catalogs for RS series and general products are available for download by PDF from the toppage.

- Parts list and operating manual -
All the parts list and operating manuals are available by PDF from each product page.
You can also check the list of the parts from the toppage of Libec website.

- RS-250 video clip -
Product information video clips of RS-250 were updated.
Please check the contents -Featured video- from the toppage.
4 languages, English / Japanese / Korean / Spanish, are available.

To the page for parts list
To the page for RS-250 featured video
Two shows coming soon! KOBA (Korea) and BCA (Singapore)
2010.05.31 update

Libec exhibits 2 shows in June, KOBA at Korea and Broadcast Asia at Singapore.

As for KOBA, Libec will have an original booth under the name of DIGITAL HONG-IL, our distributor in Korea.

  Date :15-18 Jun
  Venue:COEX (Seoul)

As for Broadcast Asia our products will be displayed at JST TECH PTE LTD booth, which is our distributor in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

***Broadcast Asia*******
  Date :15-18 Jun
  Venue:Singapore Expo
We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth!

Broadcast Asia 2010

Thank you for visiting our booth at NAB 2010!!
2010.04.19 update

See you at NAB show! Booth #C8532
2010.04.06 update

NAB, the biggest show of the world in the broadcast industry will be taken place
during 12-15 APR 2010 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC),Las Vegas, USA.

We will exhibit at Central Hall booth #C8532. You can check almost all Libec lineup there.
The main feature is RS-Series. The new \"RS-250\"series which start selling from May delivery will be displayed.

We\'re truly looking forward to seeing you at NAB!


Announcement for lineup change
2010.04.05 update

Libec announces the standard lineup change.
Product page is fully updated along with this change, please check it.

The details of the new lineup to be announced very soon at this news page.

Please be noticed that all changes are applicable from MAY-2010 delivery.

To the product lineup page
Webpage for RS series updated.
2010.03.15 update

Libec would like to announce our new RS-250 series launch which will be released BEG/MAY/2010.

With the RS-250 series launch, our webpage for RS series also updated on 14th March.

You can check the concept of RS series, importance of counterbalance, functions, specifications of each model, photo images and also 360-degree view of the RS head.

Please click the banner on the top of Libec internatinal website.

Top page of RS series

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