Camera bag
Camera bag with 12 liters capacity, suitable for carrying small size mirrorless cameras or DSLRs.
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  Urban CamBag 12  
Upper Storage Space Dimensions W 265×H 210×D 115mm
W:10.4" × H:8.3" × D:4.5"
Camera Storage Dimensions W 265×H 170×D 135mm
W:10.4" × H:6.7" × D:5.3"
Laptop Storage Dimensions W 265×H 345×D 20mm
W:10.4" × H:13.6" × D:0.8"
Outer Dimensions W 290×H 390×D 200mm
W:11.4" × H:15.4" × D:7.9"
※Without the handles and the shoulder belts
Weight 1050g/ 2.3lbs
Material Nylon
Capacity 12 liters