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Attach & Detach Your Camera Quickly and Smartly
This adapter plate design allows you to release the quick release plate with your left hand while holding the camera with your right. This will enable you to set your camera much safer, easier and faster.
Easy Attach/Detach Lock Knob
This ergonomic lock knob is placed at a convenient position on the adapter plate to avoid interference with cameras and rigs during setup, making the attach and release function much smoother.
Quick Release Plate Compatible with Manfrotto and Sachtler Heads
This one-touch attachment & quick release plate is compatible with Manfrotto and Sachtler heads, allowing users to quickly switch between equipment without changing quick release plates. Attaching this adapter plate to tripods, monopods, rigs, or stabilizers, allows you to change equipment quickly, dramatically reducing your setup time.
Spare 3/8” Screw
Equipped with a spare 3/8" screw on the side. When removing the spare screw, support arms with 3/8" screws can be attached.
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