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Shooters Gallery  | Hands-free Monopod Supports Telephoto Photography in Pro Football League
Hands-free Monopod Supports Telephoto Photography in Pro Football League
Tokyo, Japan
Professional Freelance Photographer
Professional Sports
Nikon D4S / HFMP
About the shooter
Hidenori Shiraishi is a member of the Photo-create All Sports Community. He often takes pro photos for Japan's Professional Soccer League in various locations.
Name and content of the work piece
J.LEAGUE Football official photographer and cameraman
Place of filming
Tokyo, Japan
How did Libec product help your work?
As you may know, most pro sport fields do not allow tripods due to limited space. Also, stability is absolutely necessary for telephoto shooting. This is why I chose the Libec HFMP for my camera and telescopic lens with adapter.
I feel that the HFMP can show its superiority in the following situations:
a. When you are confined to a limited space for setup
b. When you want to take your photo shots from an audience seat
c. When you need to change your lens while maintaining mobility
How do you feel about Libec product?
I have already used the Libec HFMP on several projects and found it to be very helpful. Being able to rest or change lenses with ease is more convenient than I thought it would be. I feel confident knowing that I can release the monopod and allow it stand on its own without having to worry about dropping my camera equipment.
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