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Shooters Gallery  | RSP-850M is the perfect compliment for a wide variety of shots
RSP-850M is the perfect compliment for a wide variety of shots
Georgetown, Texas
Director Of Photography
Commercial and Film
Red Epic Dragon / RSP-850M and more
About the shooter
Colton Bostick is an experienced Director of Photography with a wide variety of knowledge in filming subjects such as Feature Films, Commercials, Weddings, Sports, Concerts, Drama, and more. Colton is also an accomplished video editor, having put together a huge array of sports and action related videos.
Name and content of the work piece
Multiple works: wedding, commercial, events, and more
Place of filming
Thrall, Texas
How did Libec product help your work?
Having a tripod head that can support a camera, and keep it counterbalanced is essential when needing to quickly knock out shots, and with a 30lb camera setup the RSP-850M is the perfect compliment.
For what kind of scene effect did you choose Libec product?
I love the stable, smooth moves I can get with my Libec tripods, and whether I'm on a tripod, dolly, or crane always try to make use of them.
How do you feel about Libec product?
I have been using Libec tripods since 2010, and have always been very pleased with their performance and cost.

The Libec RSP-850M is the largest tripod system I have ever used. My tripods have been getting bigger since my initial Libec purchase in 2010. My upgrade path has been: Libec LS-22DV, Libec RS-250, Libec RS-350, Libec RS-450, Libec LX10, and now Libec RSP-850M. The RHP85 head comes with 2 plates, which is a first in my experience with Libec products, a standard sized one and an extra-long plate for more finite weight balancing. The screws are all 3/8”. It also comes with a tripod handle which is great to have if you need to add controls like servo zoom, and focus. 7 levels of torque on the pan and tilt is fantastic, I can really dial in exactly what I want for a shot now.

The counterbalance is also superb, I have a 30lb Red Epic that is very front heavy, and have it perfectly counterbalanced now. Also as a bonus this head will fit on the dana dolly with no need for a washer as the bottom Libec screw plate is a big enough diameter for the hole. I am very pleased with my RSP-850M, and If I needed another I would not hesitate to pick one up.
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