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Shooters Gallery  | Rock Solid Support by Hands-free Monopod for Storm Chasing video
Rock Solid Support by Hands-free Monopod for Storm Chasing video
Carlos Izquierdo
Santa Cruz, CA
Documentary, Commercial
HFMP KIT with Sony PXW-FS5
About the shooter
Carlos works as a cutting edge destination wedding filmmaker who uses multi-day shoots to incorporate footage from the natural surroundings into his client's event highlights. He also shoots lifestyle and brand content.
Name and content of the work piece
B-roll for Storm Chasing video content.
I've made a couple short videos on the effect the El Nino systems have had on the California Coast, this was an attempt to gather some shots of how the coastline has been impacted.
Place of filming
4-Mile Beach, Santa Cruz
How did Libec product help your work?
The HFMP allowed me to focus 100% on composing and exposing my shot correctly without taking my attention away to the treacherous footing and wind conditions at this location. There were actually 20mph winds howling at this location and as you can see, the HFMP stood up by itself in this!
For what kind of scene effect did you choose Libec product?
I wanted to be able to move confidently and quickly. In the past, I've chosen smaller monopods but inevitably spent a lot of time worrying about stability or safety.
How do you feel about Libec product?
Rock Solid. I'd take this on any shoot. It's like having another person hold your gear.
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