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Shooters Gallery  | Steady Slide Shots at Heritage Site by One-man Operator with LIBEC ALLEX
Steady Slide Shots at Heritage Site by One-man Operator with LIBEC ALLEX
Kirsehir Province, Turkey
Documentary, Commercial
ALX S8 KIT with Canon C300 EF and 5D Mark III
About the shooter
Eiji Naiki is a DP for Four Nine Co., Ltd, a production company specializing in variety shows and other projects for NTV Japan.
Name and content of the work piece
The work piece is taken at a historical site in Kaman-Kalehoyuk, a multi-period archaeological site in Kırşehir Province, Turkey. It was shot at the Japanese Institute of Anatolia Archaeology during the research program's 29th Anniversary. This documentary shows the excavations on a heritage during the 3000B.C. era along with the introduction of research facilities, researchers, and the natural environment of Central Anatoria.
Place of filming
Kaman-Kalehoyuk heritage, Kirsehir Province, Turkey
How did Libec product help your work?
LIBEC ALLEX S8 KIT helps a lot on the field. The additional screw holes found under the slider rail allow me to use two tripods for a steady slide shot. Also, the slider legs are easy to adjust for much needed low angle shots.
For what kind of scene effect did you choose Libec product?
70cm of slide range is very helpful for a one-man operator like me. The scene effect of solidity and emotion is so amazing and satisfying.
How do you feel about Libec product?
The ALX S8 slider is much more compact and lighter than other sliders I have used. The movements are smooth and the settings are easy to use. These are important features to have, especially when shooting overseas with limited time and wanting to take more cuts. Maintaining the rails is easy and convenient thanks to the slider's open structure. Lastly, I was pleasantly surprised that drag controls remained smooth and consistent, especially under the sun's heat.
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