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Payload 30kg / 66.0lb

Operation manual
Specification sheet
Service parts
Counterbalance range 9 to 23kg / 19.8 to 50.7lb (C.G.125mm)
Payload 30kg / 66lb
Counterbalance Perfect Balance
Continuous Counterbalance with Meter
Drag mode 7 steps
Drag system Multilayered Metal Structure
Tilt angle +90° / -70°
Temperature range -20°C to +60°C / -4°F to +140°F
Bubble level Illuminated
Camera plate Sliding plate
Sliding range +/-75mm / 2.9"
Head base 150mm ball / Flat base with 4 bolts
Plate attachment 3/8" screw × 2
Spare screw 3/8" screw × 2
Weight 12.7kg / 27.9lb
QH1s Counterbalance chart

*When the innerspring is set to maximum strength, the tilt angle is limited to +/-60 degrees.
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